Free pastry recipes

Today, we want to introduce to you this new section of our Be Chef Pastry School website: Pastry Recipes.

In this new section you will be able to find our recipes for free.

Either an amateur or a professional in pastry, in this new section you will be able to enjoy, make and learn the best pastry recipes.

This section was created to fill a gap in pastry learning where many students cannot access expensive pastry education.

From basic recipes to the most complex ones, it will become an educational support to elaborate and develop new cakes, sponges and jams, among others.

You will also fins other categories to complement your knowledge where we will share interesting theory articles.

Recipes by chef Elena Adell and chef Hans Ovando prepared with love so that you can make the most out their knowledge.

In this section you will also find the free courses, the recipes videos and the pdf content that you like most.

We wish you the best in this new adventure along with the Be Chef teachers.

See you on our next blog entry!

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