It was born on a fall afternoon in our school.

 We wanted to eat something seasonal that  didn’t make us feel bad for gaining weight

Sweet potato cake

  40 g Powdered almond
120 g Icing sugar
  96 g Eggs
55 ml Cream
145 g All purpose flour
  85 g Butter
    5 g Baking powder
    1 g Vanilla extract
80 g Grated carrot
100 g Sweet potato purée

Mould: Cake mould 5,5 cm (height) x 14,5 cm (wide).
Total weight of the cake: 320 g

Candied sweet potato in syrup

200 g Sweet potato (we must have previously boiled 3×3 sweet potato dices for 15
minutes in water)
200 ml Water
200 g Sucrose
1 Orange peel
1 Cinnamon stick
5 ml Lemon juice

Orange syrup

100 g Sucrose
100 ml Water
Grated orange
Orange drops

Honey icing

300 g Honey


Mix the sugar, the butter and the vanilla with a spatula.
Add the mild egg and create an emulsion.
Aside, sift the flour with salt and the baking powder and add to the first mixture.
Add the mild cream, the grate carrot and the sweet potato purée. Mix with the spatula
and dose in a piping bag.
Next, take the cake to the oven and take it out after 10 minutes, add carefully the dices
of candied pumpkin and put back in the oven. 200ºC during 40 minutes.
In the end, take it out of the mould and put it in the freezer.

Bring the water to boiling point along with the sucrose, the juice, the orange and the
cinnamon stick. Add the diced pumpkin and let it rest for 12 hours.



Honey icing:
Put the honey in a saucepan and heat it up to 115ºC. Remove from the heat and let it rest
until the foam disappears, then, place the cake in a rack and bath it.

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