Learn to make doughnuts with Elena Adell

Learn to make doughnuts with Elena Adell

Finally, one of the most desired courses is here: the donuts, cronuts and berlines course.

Made by Elena Adell, you’ll be able to enjoy this experience making different types of doughs for different types of Donuts.

But let’s see from her perspective the meaning of this experience.

We’ve asked Elena some questions while recording the course.

What’s your favourite donut?

My favourite is the peanut and caramel one, but I must say that the regular sugar glazed one is my favourite to enjoy with a good cup of coffee.


What makes this course stand out from other donut courses?

We’ve used all of the technology available to bring a new 4K experience. A great product design by my colleague Hans Ovando. But, mostly, the love we’ve put into each recipe that we want to show everyone.


Who can enrol in this course?

This course is designed to fit everyone: beginners to professionals.

It is structured in such a way that everyone can learn from it.


Elena Adell: do you think that donuts can be compared to the best pastries in this world?

I think that a good donut can compete against any other pastry elaboration. Sometimes, I’d rather eat a good donut than a bad croissant.

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