Jose Romero

Jose Romero

Since 2011, Jose Romero began to enter the world of how to make panettone. He has learned from it, its elaboration and complexity, and has been able to share experiences and knowledge with great colleagues, while continuing to train, receive and teach courses of how to make panettone.

Know the chef

How has Panettone contributed to your life?

To meet many people with this same passion, I am very grateful!

What is your favorite Panettone?

The classic is that of candied fruit.

Tell us a funny anecdote of yours making Panettone.

When they called me to go to the bakery and pastry congress in MESIPAN, in Mexico, we began to work out how to make Panettone in public and everything was very quiet as time passed, more people approached, and at the time of the tasting we brought a 4kg Panettone and we started cutting it and the  and sound system started to blast the music, and it became a super party! people dancing and eating panettone … it was all improvised and an unforgettable memory!

What is your favourite pastry recipe and why.

Apart from the panettone I love the delicious “financier” and they remind me a lot of my time at the Arts hotel that we prepared them every day and the smell of fresh baked goods … I could eat a thousand!

What should a good Panettone have, in your opinion?

For me, a flavor that makes you repeat.

How is a Panettone judged in a contest?

Because of its cooking aspect, interior, aroma and flavor.

Have you always wanted to be a chef? How did you come to this world?

I didn’t want to be a cook, it was out of necessity … I was a waiter in the hotel and it was becoming more and more difficult for me to communicate with English customers and I thought I wanted to stay in the hotel and I told the director of food and beverages that I became a kitchen assistant, who would learn to cook. And I do not regret it. I am very grateful to all the cooks who taught and helped me at that time.

What is your favorite sport? Do you practice it often?

It was always basketball, but due to an injury I had to quit. They recommended me a bike … now I’m a bike fan and I practice it whenever I can.

What are the students who participate in your Masterclass learning how to make panettone are going to take?

I want you to take home the passion for sourdough and the good work of Panettone dough.

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