Hans Ovando

In this new online pastry course course you’ll learn how to use all of the new techniques and recipes for your business.

Make sure to join if you want to get started in the pastry world.

What will you find in this new course?

We have developed a course that fits all levels of knowledge, where you will find a great variety of possibilities.

What type of recipes will we find in this course?

The course is based on different recipes, flavours, ingredients and techniques.

Therefore we can say that you will find a wide range of recipes adapted to different learning levels.

 Hans Ovando, what was your inspiration for this new online Modern Cakes course?

Well, the truth is that the intention has been to create a range of possibilities and a wide palette of flavours. But, more than inspiration, this new course is designed so that everyone can do it and it is effective and applicable whether you are an amateur or a professional baker.

When we finish the course, what’s next?

What’s next? Hahaha (says Hans Ovando). The next thing is to continue preparing new courses. Stay tuned to our social media, we will soon announce the next courses.

What advice would you give to all the pastry chefs who are going to enrol on this entremets recipe course?

I would tell them to take advantage of the possibility of living this new experience in 4K with 3 cameras. You won’t lose any details of the recipes.

 Which is your favourite cake in these online pastry classes ?

I’m going to say that all of them are my favourite children but there is always a special affection for the one that was born first. The strawberry pistachio tart is the one that has been with me since the beginning many years ago. It is a version of a cake I made years ago. But as I say, I love them all equally.

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