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In accordance with the provisions of Law 34/2002 on Services of the Information Society, the information that this website ( ) uses cookies.
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What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the website you visit stores on your computer. They are widely used so that the website works correctly and efficiently as it provides information to the owners of the website. The use of cookies is standardized in most of the websites.

Types of cookies

In case of , our site accumulates cookies in order to extract usage statistics from our website.

This site does not use targeting cookies or advertising cookies, which are those that allow personalized advertising to be sent to visitors to websites.

In this regard, we use different types of cookies:

Technical Cookies: allow the user to browse our website and use its different functions. We use them to record information about the options that are selected when entering our website and in order to personalize it for visitors. For example, to remember the language or region of origin. This information is saved by deleting all the data that identify the user and is not used for any other purpose.
Analytical Cookies: they allow us to track and analyze the behavior of users on our website. We use the well-known service of Google Analitycs to carry out these tasks. This information is used exclusively for statistical purposes and the data is aggregated, unable to identify or analyze the behavior of people. Anyway, if you want to disable Google Analytics tracking, there is the following browser add-on offered by Google .
Social content exchange Cookies : Complement cookies (plug-in) to exchange social content, used to identify shared content with other websites. These sites can register information about their activities on the Internet, including our website. You can review the terms of use and the privacy policies of these websites to know exactly how they use the information and to find out how this information can be deleted or deleted.

Deactivate Cookies

If you do not want to send cookies to our systems you can “deactivate” it and control it from your own browser. We attach some links where is indicated how to do it: