Croissant and laminated doughs course

Croissant and laminated doughs course

Hans Ovando our chef at the school tells us about the details of the croissant course he has prepared for Be Chef Pastry School.


Some time ago we were thinking that one of the courses that was missing in our school was a croissant course and what we wanted was to be able to cover all possible elaborations and teach as many techniques as possible.


What are we going to learn in the Be Chef online croissant course?

This is the first course we have recorded for the online school and we have tried to cover all possible techniques, from understanding concepts of kneading, how gluten develops in a dough and how to interpret the contents and concepts of protein, strength, elasticity and extensibility.

We will learn how to control the fermentation and baking of the product?

We have even integrated a theoretical dossier with all the necessary information to complement your education.


Chef, will the student be able to make his own doughs after finishing the course?

Of course, this is a step-by-step course, in which no secrets or details are left unexplained. Once the croissant course is finished, the student will be able to put into practice the knowledge acquired and make his own recipes, but the result will depend on his degree of involvement and work on his own mistakes.

In addition to croissant and laminated doughs, what other doughs will the student learn in the croissant course? 

The course has an extensive syllabus, especially in brioche. You will learn different brioche recipes, including a kouglof and even a pistachio brioche with white chocolate and double fermentation griottes.

Why would you recommend this croissant course?

With this course you will learn or perfect the croissant technique, you will learn new recipes to update your pastry cabinet with recipes that are not only beautiful to look at, but also delicious. Whether you are a professional or an amateur you can learn to make your own creations from scratch.

How much you know about the origin of croissant?

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