Croissant recipe by Hans Ovando

Croissant recipe by Hans Ovando

There are many croissant recipes, but you keep a good croissant recipe to yourself, you don’t share it, you don’t sell it. (Hahaha)

From Be Chef we want to share with you our latest croissant recipe which will help you to get good results whether you are a professional or an amateur.

But before we start talking about the recipe we want to give you some tips and important information about the ingredients.

Flour for the croissant recipe

It should be a strong flour with a high protein content of approx. 13% and a good extensibility P/L approx. 0.45.


Water for croissant recipe

I recommend weak mineralized water from a bottle. If tap water is of good quality, you can use it, otherwise it will affect the taste of your final product.


Fresh yeast for. croissant recipe

I prefer it fresh, for its ease of use. If you do not have fresh yeast, the proportion is 1 dry yeast = 2 fresh yeast.

I also recommend hydrating the dry yeast in an equal part of water at room temperature (not hot because it affects the functionality of the yeast).



560 g Bread flour 360W

65 g Sucrose

  5 g Honey

13 g Salt

310 g Cold milk

15 g Fresh yeast

55 g Butter


1.Dilute the yeast in the cold milk and knead everything together until you obtain a thin and elastic dough for about 10 to 15 minutes.

2. Pour the dough and leave it overnight in the fridge at 2 ºC.

3. Incorporate the butter and make folds.

4. Stretch to 4 mm cut triangles of 9 cm base x 28 cm long and form the croissant. Stretch and form the croissant.

5. Paint them with eggs and a pinch of salt and brush.

6.  Proof at 27 ºC 28 ºC three hours and bake preferably in a convection oven at 165ºC.

We hope that with this recipe you obtain a good result.


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