Love and passion for pastry

Elena Adell, partner and co-founder of the Be Chef – Barcelona school, began her training in the kitchen, which led her to work in large Michelin-star restaurants, although shortly after she continued training to achieve her dream: to be a pastry chef.

During his time in large kitchens such as Manairó, Châteaux de Riell, and Dos Cielos, owned by the Torres brothers, he learned the importance of organization and rigorous work.

She trained as a pastry chef in the Barcelona trade union and got her first job in pastry making at Bubó, a pastry shop that had always been a benchmark and essential for her.

There she had the opportunity to work with the great Carles Mampel and Hans Ovando.

Later, she entered Sant Croi as head of the workshop under the direct orders of Albert Roca (Winner of Best Butter Croissant in Spain in 2009 and 2018) where together they renovated the traditional pastry shop.

For four years now, she has been a teacher in the haute cuisine course at the Sant Ignasi – Sarrià school in Barcelona.

She is currently in charge of the professional pastry course at Be Chef, a course in which the pastry chefs of the future are trained every year.

“As teachers, we have a great responsibility when we dedicate ourselves to teaching and disseminating the art of pastry. Students come to us and trust our experience and knowledge. Not only do we have to transmit knowledge, but also love and affection for the trade and respect for the product.

Get to know the Be Chef course in which chef Elena Adell will be your teacher.

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