How to make panettone


Do you know the origin of panettone?

The ideologist and writer Stanislao Porzio, a native of Naples and resident of Milan, author of various books and publications related to cultural and gastronomic themes, published in his book “El Panettone ” the history of this traditional sweet.
“In Milan, as early as 1470, it was a tradition to place three cylindrical loaves on the table at Christmas,” said Porzio, who located at this time “the first historical proof” about the existence of panettone.
According to legend, how to make panettone arose by accident in the fifteenth century, when during a Christmas lunch in the mansion of a Milanese duke, the cook burned the dessert in the oven, which led to one of the servants, named Toni, to prepare a bread with the elements that were in the cupboard: eggs, flour, butter, citrus fruits and grapes.
This invention was so successful, and spread so quickly, that the inhabitants of the Duchy of Milan began to order it in bakeries as “Pan de Toni” (Toni’s bread in English), which led to the abbreviation “panettone.”
“One of the keys to its popularity and expansion was the simplicity of its ingredients, which made this bread accessible to the poorest classes,” says the writer.

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