Chocolate level 2 course

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In this new chocolate course we are going to go one step further.

With Elena Adell and Hans Ovando, we are going to learn how to produce our own chocolates, from cocoa beans to making different types of products with them.

In addition, we will see new techniques for painting molds, with different tools and utensils and fillings in various textures.

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The course includes:

  • Recipe book with all the recipes.
  • Assistance certificate.
  • Questions WhatsApp with the chef during 30 days.
  • Access to our platform for 60 days to consult and reproduce the course as many times as you want.

Course contents:

  • Cocoa history.
  • Origin and types of cocoa.
  • Study of different process for preparing cocoa beans to be chocolate.
  • Beans selection and roasted, nibs production, recipes creation, refining and conching.
  • Production of chocolate from different origins and % of cocoa beans.
  • Production of traditional and new chocolates: white, milk, caramelized fruit and giandujas.

Recipes with chocolate prepared in the course:

  • 1 Dark chocolate Bean to bar.
  • 1 Milk chocolate Bean to bar.
  • 1 White chocolate.
  • 3 New chocolates: caramelized, berries and exotic.
  • Assorted bars with own chocolates.
  • 2 Chocolate snack bar.
    • Peanuts and salted toffee.
    • White coconut and lime gianduja with coconut caramel.
  • 4 Bombons with new painting techniques:
    • Catalan cream: Catalan cream ganache, orange geles and caramelized sablée.
    • Mango sticky rice: Mango pate de fruit, coconut ganache and rice crunchy layer.
    • Banana brownie: Brownie and bean to bar chocolate ganache.
    • Gianduja, orange and caramel: Soft caramel with gianduja heart, hazelnut and orange.
  • 2 Spreadable creams:
    • Hazelnut and bean to bar chocolate with orange flavour.
    • Wallnuts and caramelized chocolate.
Photography: Corina Landa; Bengt O. Petterson; Nina Soloviova


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