Fraisier cake

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It’s a very traditional cake in France that make everyone who tastes it to fall in love with it.

The freshness of the strawberries along with this light buttercream are a perfect combination. We can fins this cake everywhere in France, especially during spring and strawberry season.

This is the ideal cake to prepare the same day you are going to eat it, so it is perfect to improvise.

Furthermore, the chef Hans Ovando will teach you how to make step by step every single one of the recipes so you enjoy and learn through this emblematic French cake.

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The course includes:

  • Recipe book.
  • Inquiries with the chef during the following 30 days via WhatsApp.
  • Access to the course contents during the following 30 days.


  • Pain de gènes sponge cake.
  • Buttercream
  • Italian meringue.

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