How to make doughnuts

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One of the biggest requests from our students for online courses is how to make doughnuts.
In this spectacular course you will learn how to make doughnuts in an easy and simple way.
You will learn the process of kneading different types of special doughs for making doughnuts or also known as donas. Red velved, cocoa, traditional, vegan and cronuts.
Together with chef Elena Adell, you will take a trip through each of her recipes and learn how to make doughnuts from the hand of one of the best pastry chefs of the moment.
Prepare all your ingredients and get to work to learn how to make doughnuts “the best doughnuts / donas”

If you want to know more curiosities about donuts see our blog article here.

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Course contents:

  • Language: English over-voiced
  • 6 hours of Full HD videos
  • Downloadable pdf recipes.
  • Certificate of completion of the "How to make doughnuts" course.
  • Access to the platform to view the course for 90 days.

Course recipes:

Types of doughs:

  • Plain doughnuts.
  • Cocoa doughnuts.
  • Red velvet doughnuts.
  • Vegan doughnuts.
  • Cronut.


Filling recipes:

  • Sugar glazed.
  • Lotus, with biscoff cream and caramelized chocolate coating.
  • Giandujeto, with gianduja ganache and coating.
  • "Snickers", salted caramel and peanut gianduja coating.
  • Pistachio, filled with pistachio namelaka, raspberry jam and pistachio gianduja coating.
  • Tiramisu, filled with mascarpone cream, with coffee syrup and caramelized chocolate coating with coffee.
  • Exotic, filled with coconut cream, mango and passion fruit jam and passion fruit coating.
  • Cookies, filled with caramel ganache and chocolate chips.
  • Lemon pie, with lemon cream and meringue.
  • Oreo, filled with oreo ganache and white chocolate coating.
  • Black forest, filled with chocolate ganache, cherry jam and vanilla whipped ganache.
  • Darth Vader, with chocolate ganache and cocoa streussel.
  • Red velvet, with cream cheese and raspberry jam.
  • Vegan with orange jam and dark chocolate coating.
  • Vegan with banana and chocolate ganache.
  • Sugary cronut.
  • Cronut with salty caramel.
  • Cronut cheesecake with cream cheese and blueberries jam.

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