New modern pastry course with Hans Ovando 2021 Collection. 4K Broadcast.

Online pastry classes

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Online pastry classes 2021 Collection by Chef Hans Ovando. In this new course you will discover the new creations of the chef and teacher of Be Chef School in Barcelona and learn the new trends in pastry and modern cake decorations. In this new course you will live an experience of flavours and textures.

Join us in these new online pastry classes and learn from Hans Ovando.

In these new online pastry classes by Hans Ovando you will learn how to make different types of sponge cakes, each one adapted to the composition of the cake. Adapting the flavours and textures and even the sugar levels to each cake.

In this course you will also learn how to make different types of crunchy cakes using a great variety of pastes and pralines, and adapt the baking process to the needs of each cake.

The online pastry classes are full of new recipes and it will be a learning experience where you will learn how to combine different types of gelling agents such as gelatin mass (animal-based) and some types of pectins (plant-based).

In this new course you will discover different types of mousses and icings and you will be able to use the recipes for each cake independently to create your own cakes.

Discover this new online pastry education and training experience enjoying spectacular videos in high 4K quality.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to share with Chef Hans Ovando the webinars and lives to answer your questions in a personalised way.

The online pastry classes will bring a new look to your pastry menu or your pastry display case. Whether you are a professional or a beginner in the world of patisserie, you will enjoy this cake course.

Enjoy this new cakes course, you will not regret this new experience in 4K and latest technology in recordings in be chef pastry school we are pioneers in online education.

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Course contents:

  • Recipe book.
  • Certificate of completion of the course.
  • 90-day access to course content.
  • Access to the private help group on Facebook for the course.
  • Downloadable cakes pictures.

Description Cakes:

  • Hazelnut cake and caramelized apple.
    Hazelnut cake with osmotic apple and crunchy, gelled apple in two textures, creamy hazelnut praline and cinnamon caramel with hazelnut mousse and its glaze.
  • Capuchin cake (coffee and almonds)
    Almond and coffee cake with crunchy almonds, caramelized banana compote, creamy almond praline and banana toffee. Caramelized chocolate and coffee mousse with dark chocolate glaze.
  • Pistachio, lychee and strawberry tart
    Pistachio and raspberry sponge cake, crunchy pistachio paste, double gelled strawberries and creamy lychee with fresh cheese and yogurt, pistachio and white chocolate mousse and pure pistachio paste glaze.
  • Yogurt and red fruit cake with traditional cheese cake.
    Mint sponge cake, crunchy almond and raspberry lyo paste, raspberry and strawberry gel, creamy red berries and raspberry and yogurt mousse.Raspberry chocolate glaze.
  • New Sacher cake apricot, passion and vanilla.
    Sacher-style chocolate and almond brownie cake with stewed apricot. Crunchy almond and caramelised almonds, gelled apricot and passion fruit and creamy almond praline and milk chocolate. Two chocolate mousse and cocoa mirror glaze.
  • Cake "Truffle, olive and sesame" and its nuances
    Black sesame cake and its crunchy, lemon and ginger gel, creamy black truffle and olive oil mousse and neutral glaze.


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