Pastry 2020 Collection course

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Pastry course where the 6 cakes of Chef Hans Ovando’s new collection will be made step by step with all its components: Sponge cakes, gellies,creamy, crispy and mousses using different recipes and techniques to enrich and increase your pastry knowledge.


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16 hours full HD video

Language of the course: English

The course includes:

  • Recipe book with all the recipes, and all cakes diagram.
  • Questions WhatsApp with the chef during 30 days.
  • Access to our platform for 30 days to consult and reproduce the course as many times as you want.
  • Course certificate.



1 . Who took my coffee?

Coffee pain de gênes style sponge, coffee and roasted almond cremeux, milk foam and caramelized chocolate and Brazil coffee mousse.

2.   Love and passion.

Coconut sponge and crumble, rice pudding with coconut milk, pineapple, ginger and lime jelly and “Alfonso” mango mousse.

3. Agrumes 2020.

Almond and citric sponge, home made candied citrics gelly, mandarin, lemon and lime cremeux with home made passion fruit chocolate.

4. Red berries cheesecake.

Pistachio jocund sponge, baked cheesecake insert, red fruits jelly and homemade berries experience chocolate mousse.

5. Jamaica Brownie banana 65%

Micuit brownie with walnuts and caramelized banana, water base chocolate cremeux, walnuts crunchy and Alto el Sol mousse with Jamaica pepper.

6. From Piamonte to Asturias (Hazelnut and apple)

Soft hazelnuts with praline sponge, Granny Smith apple jelly, baked apple and caramel compote, cinnamon toffee and Piamonte hazelnuts mousse.


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