Sarah Bernhardt

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The Sarah Bernhardt is, hands down, one of the most traditional and famous cakes in the pastry world.

The name was given after the French actress from the 19th century and it has become the favourite cake to celebrate Easter.

A very light almond and anise sponge, covered in thin layers of buttercream and basted in laminated almonds.

Those who taste it are not left indifferent, and you can do it at home too step by step with the chef Elena Adell.

Get on board!

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The course includes:

  • Recipe book.
  • Inquiries with the chef during the following 30 days via WhatsApp.
  • Access to the course contents during the following 30 days


  • Anise and almond pained gênes.
  • Anise syrup.
  • Buttercream
  • Toasted almonds.


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