Modern tarts course

Modern tarts with Elena Adell

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After the success of our first version of the classic tart course by our chef Hans Ovando, where we reviewed all the classic tarts in the world of pastry, today our teacher Elena Adell has created a new version: the modern tarts course.

In this spectacular course you will find these increasingly fashionable creations, which are a must in your pastry display case.

In this new modern tarts course you will learn the most innovative techniques to surprise your family and friends both at work and at home.

You will also learn about the different types of sablée dough and tart bases that you can use in all your recipes.

In the modern tarts course we have also included different recipes such as sponge cakes, creams, jams and ganaches which, all together, bring to life to this spectacular range of products.

Don’t miss this new improved version with the three-camera angles, where you can enjoy the best quality Full HD video training and recording in three perspectives so that you don’t miss any detail.

Twelve new creations by chef Elena Adell where you will find versions such as the Mojito or Cosmopolitan tartlet, coffee, caramel or banana and pecan nut.

Join this new course and don’t miss the opportunity to learn from the best chefs.

See all the program of the course here.

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Language: English over voice.

Course contents:

  • 6 Full HD Video.
  • Recipe book.
  • Course completion certificate.
  • Access to the platform to view the course for 90 days
  • Questions by email during 30 days via WhatsApp button.

Course program:

Cosmopolitan tartlet.

    • Purple sable, raspberry crunchy, raspberry and vodka mousse, blackcurrant cream and blueberry glaze.

Pistachio, strawberry and basil tartlet.

    • Pistachio sablee, financier and crunchy pistachio with raspberry, strawberry basil jelly, namelaka and pistachio glaze.

Mojito tart

    • Sable of brown sugar, lemon sponge cake, lime, lemon and basil cream, lemon-lime marshmallow and brown sugar streussel.

Strawberry tart and vanilla cream.

    • Strawberry lyo sablee, almond sponge cake, strawberry crunchy, whipped vanilla and mascarpone ganache, wild strawberry jam and red fruit cream.

Espresso tartlet.

    • Cocoa sablee, almond cream, coffee syrup, coffee praline, creamy chocolate and coffee and whipped caramel and coffee ganache.

Peanut tart.

    • Neutral sablee, fleur de sel caramel, creamy peanut, whipped caramel and peanut ganache.

Hazelnut and orange tartlet.

    • Neutral sablee, almond cream, orange jam, hazelnut praline and fresh citrus.

Apricot tart and Tonka bean.

    • Neutral sablee, almond cream and apricot syrup, fresh apricot compote and mascarpone and apricot whipped ganache.

Strawberry and coconut tart.

    • Neutral sablee, almond cream, strawberry syrup, fresh strawberry compote and whipped coconut ganache.

Tartlet "Pecan Banoffee".

    • Neutral sablee, almond cream with banana, vanilla syrup, toffee with fleur de sel, pecan praline and whipped pecan and caramel ganache.

Wild fruits tartlet "Wild fruits".

    • Neutral sablee, almond cream with blueberries, vanilla syrup, red fruit jam, blackberries creamy and fresh blueberries.

Claudia Tartlet:

    • Neutral sablee, almond cream with plums, vanilla syrup, lime pastry cream, fresh plum compote and fresh plum slices.

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