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Modern tarts with Elena Adell

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Do you know hoy to make a perfect sable dough, molding and get nice tarts? There are a lot of different tarts recipes that you will find, but in Be Chef Pastry School, we have the best and useful tarts recipes.

In this new monographic course of modern tarts recipes you will learn new techniques to make sablés, from different types of flour.
All the tarts recipes are combined with different textures, sponge cake, creamy, gelled, crunchy… and that will open your mind to many new possibilities of this traditional preparation, to which chef Elena Adell has taken a step forward in terms of finishes, assemblies and fillings for these new tarts recipes.

In this new course, you will find 9 new tarts recipes, all af them with different fillings and decorations.

Come with Chef Elena Adell to enjoy with this new monographic course, and learn all her secrets to get the perfect result with her tarts recipes.

See all the program of the course here.

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Language: English over voice.

Course contents:

  • 6 Full HD Video.
  • Recipe book.
  • Course completion certificate.
  • Access to our online platform during the following 60 days to watch the course as many times as you want.
  • Questions by email during 30 days via WhatsApp button.

Course program:

  • Cosmopolitan cassis and berries tartlet
  • Pistachio, strwberry and basil tartlet
  • Mojito tartlet
  • Strawberry and vanilla cream tartlet
  • Coffee tartlet
  • Peanut tartlet
  • Orange and huzelut tartlet
  • Apricot and tonka bean tartlet
  • Coconut and strawberry tartlet

If you need more information about the new course of tarts recipes, write to info@beechefpastryschool.com


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