Pâte de fruit recipe

by Elena Adell

In this article, our beloved chef Elena Adell wanted to share her “Pâte de fruit” recipe with you all.

One of the main recipes when working with sugars and a very important one when we want to eat something sweet.


Pâte de fruit

3,2 g Citric acid

2 g Water

8 g Yellow pectin

32 g Sugar

300 g Peach puré

320 g Sugar

75 g Glucose


Dissolve the tartaric acid in water and store.

Mix the pectin with sucrose (1).

Heat the purée in a saucepan until it reaches 40ºC, and then, add the pectin along with the sucrose using a whisk.

Add glucose and sucrose (2).

Heat the mixture to boiling point until it reaches 107ºC.

Pour in a frame of 18x18cm.

Let it gel for 24 hours.

Slice in 3×2,5 pieces and dip them in grain sugar.

Let dry 24 hours before package.

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