by Elena Adell

In this occasion, Elena Adell wanted to share with you all the macaron recipe of her hazelnut macaron.

Besides the traditional macarons recipe with almond, in this macaron recipe you’ll learn how to combine hazelnut with almond to achieve those hazelnut shells.

Furthermore, in this macaron recipe you’ll find a chocolate and hazelnut ganache that will make it become the perfect macaron for hazelnut lovers.




75 g Powdered almond

75 g Toasted hazelnut 

150 g Icing sugar

54 g Fresh egg whites




150 g Sugar

54 g Fresh egg whites

43 g Water

1 g Bright orange colouring



200 g  Milk chocolate GHANA 40% Cacao Barry

100 g Cream 35%

  70 g Hazelnut paste

  10 g Inverted sugar



Refine the sugar along with the almond and the toasted hazelnut and sieve.

Mix with the egg whites and reserve.

Start beating the egg whites in the mixer.

Make a syrup at 118 ºC with the water and the sugar and pour over the egg whites.

Continue beating until the meringue temperature is 45-50 ºC.

Mix half of the meringue with the marzipan and once combined, mix the other half until obtaining the right texture.

Dose with a round nozzle number 9 and leave to dry for 30 minutes approximately.

Bake at 150 ºC for 11 minutes, closed chimney.

Once out of the oven, take the tray out and leave them to dry on the table.

Once cold, fill with the ganache and leave for 24 hours in the fridge. Freeze.


On one side, melt the chocolate and mix with the hazelnut paste, making sure that the final temperature is 40 ºc.

Pour over the chocolate and the praline and emulsify with the blender.

Leave24 hours in the fridge until completely crystallized.

Dose in a piping bag and a number 9-10 round nozzle.

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