BY Hans Ovando

For this occasion, Hans Ovando want to share his Panettone with Fruit recipe with his audience.

The Chef doesn´t keep any secrets and he gives you, for the moment, his best Panettone with fruits recipe ever.


Flavoured water infusion for he panettone kneading

1000 g Low-mineral water at 40 ºC

5  u Used or empty vanilla pods



First knead

1870 g Special panettone flour (W380/400)   P/L 0,55

  910 g Water (Infusion)

  630 g Butter

  640 g 3 refreshments sourdough (3-4h each refreshment and fermented at 27 ºC)

  570 g Yolks

  560 g White sugar


Second knead

860 g Butter St.Villepré

600 g Special flour for panettone YLLA

560 g Yolks

480 g White sugar

  80 g Brown sugar (optional)

  80 g to 100 gr Infused water

150 g Honey

  60 g Powdered milk

  25 g Salt

  20 g Powdered malt

3 Orange rind

3 Lemon rind

3 Vanilla pod


Candied fruit

800 g Candied orange washed at 35 ºC

  500 g Raisins with 10% of alcohol

  300 g Candied lemon washed at 35 ºC

400 g White chocolate

Almond-hazelnut glaze for panettone

520 g Icing sugar

160 g Powdered almond

100 g Powdered hazelnut

200 g Egg whites

  80 g Starch

  20 g Grapeseed or sunflower oil


Flavoured water infusion for panettone 

Mix and let rest for 24 h. at 18ºC – 20ºC ambient temperature.

First knead processes

15-20 minutes: kneading time.

10 minute bulk rest.

Fold and store in a container.

Final kneading temperatura: 23-24,5 ºC

Bulk rest: 26 – 27ºC until triplicating the volume. (The fermentation time will depend on the sourdough activity)

Second knead processes

Kneading time: 15-20 minutes.

Final kneading temperature: 23-24.5 ºC.

Bulk rest for 10 minutes in the kneader.

First fold.

Bulk rest in a container for 30 minutes, fold and 30 minutes of rest in the container at 27 ºC.

Divide into 900-1000 g pieces and leave to rest on the wooden table at 27 ºC for 30 minutes.

Shape and put in the ramekins.

Bulk rest at 26-27 ºC until it triplicates the volume (the fermentation time will depend on the activity of the sourdough).

Put the glaze and the toppings depending on the type of panettone.

Bake at 150-160 ºC until the crumble reaches 92-95 ºC after 40-50 minutes.

Hang the panettones when out of the oven for 6-8 hours.

Place them in the desired airtight packaging and store them at 23-24 ºC.

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