Strawberry jam recipe

by Elena Adell

Who doesn’t remember with nostalgia the jam that grandma used to make and whose recipe was kept so secretly?

Well, our Chef Elena Adell shares hers with us, generously, so that you can enjoy it with toast or biscuits for breakfast or whenever you like.

In addition to the infinite number of way we can use this strawberry jam, with yoghurt, in cakes, in sweet snacks, among others.

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Strawberry jam

250 g Strawberry

125 g Sucrose (1)

50 g Liquid glucose

25 g Sucrose (2)

2,25 g Yellow pectin

15 g Lime juice

1 un Lime zest


Chop the strawberries and add the lime juice.

Mix them with sucrose (1) and glucose and temper to 40ºC.

Wait for the sugar to melt creating the light syrup.

Add pectin mixed with sucrose (2) and save for 24 hours to encourage the correct osmosis.

Afterwards, cook the jam up to 62ºBx.

Add the grated lime rind.

Store in airtight jars.

Recipe for 2 pots of 150ml.



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