The best macarons recipe


What do you know about the best macarons recipe ?


Of Italian origin, this sweet known as recipe macarons was served at the banquets of the 16th century nobility and that was the Queen Catherine de Medici on the occasion of the wedding of the Duke of Joyeuse, who introduced the best macarons recipe to France.
Originally only the crispy shells were consumed, until Louis Ernest Ladurée in 1862. a French miller who founded his own bakery, began to make them with two shells and a jam or ganache in between.
It is currently a world-famous sweet, and there are different ways to make them, and the infinite possibilities when making the fillings make the options multiply and there are the best macarons recipe for all tastes.

With Elena Adell, you will be able to learn how to make the best macarons recipe that her course contains, with different nuts and fillings with different bases: chocolate, dried fruit, fruit purees …


Learn with us how to make Elena Adell’s the best macarons recipe, step by step and with personalized attention via WhatsApp if you have questions during the process.

She has been testing and perfecting the technique for years, and now she puts it at your disposal so that you can learn it at your own pace and achieve a professional result.

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